MSEUF shines at 5th Brillante DanceSport Championship

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MSEUF shines at 5th Brillante DanceSport Championship

The Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF) DanceSport Team brought pride to the Philippines at the 5th Brillante International Dancesports Championship, held at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on April 13.

With their exceptional performances, the MSEUF dancers showcased the country’s talent and passion for dancesports on the global stage.

In the Open Standard Category (Pre-Amateur and Novice), MSEUF pairs Fillip Zander Hernandez and Frances Helena Buta secured one (1) gold and one (1) silver, while Gian Carlo Hernandez and Cairistiona Catriona Surio claimed an impressive two (2) gold medals, demonstrating their mastery of the dance floor.

Meanwhile, in the Open Latin Category (Pre-Amateur and Novice), Patrick Loriz Pineda and Krizzom Ariem Palima wowed the audience with their captivating routines, earning one (1) gold and one (1) silver medal, further solidifying the Philippines’ reputation as a powerhouse in dancesports.

Participating countries from around the world, including the Philippines were Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Japan, Poland, Germany, Russia, and Italy, added to the vibrant and diverse atmosphere of the championship.

Accompanied by chaperons Ms. Lizel Villadiego and Director Darios Virrey of the Office of University Sports and Cultural Relations (USCR), the MSEUF contingent showcased professionalism, dedication, and excellence throughout the competition, bringing honor, prestige, and recognition to MSEUF and the Philippines as a whole.

  • Quality Education (SDG 4). The participation of the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF) Banyuhay Dance Troupe in international competitions like the Brillante International Dancesports Championship provides opportunities for students to develop their talents and skills, contributing to the quality of education and holistic development.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8). The success of MSEUF Dancers in winning medals at the championship highlights the potential for careers and economic opportunities in the field of dancesports, contributing to decent work, and economic growth, particularly in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17); The collaboration between MSEUF dancers, chaperons, and the office of University Sports and Cultural Relations (USCR) exemplifies the importance of partnerships and cooperation in achieving common goals, such as representing the Philippines in the international stage and promoting cultural exchange through dancesports.