CES Roles and Functions

CES Roles and Functions

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation serves as a change agent, bridging gaps among agencies for national development. It adapts to present and future needs, aspiring to transform into a pivotal institution for people's development, aligning with its commitment to God and Country.

As a change agent it is in the mainstream of being a provider of alternative solutions to socio-economic problems of the marginalized and less privileged people by assisting them to gain a more meaningful and productive way of living;

As a change agent it bridges the gap between and among agencies, thus, harmonizing their efforts towards national development objectives particularly on human resource and the development of his environment; and

As a change agent it is adaptive to the development needs of the present and future generations.

With all of these, it is hoped that Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation becomes a major institution and transforms to be a sector for people’s development, thus, attaining its commitment to the service of God and Country.

For MSEUF to become a change agent, it trains its manpower and makes available its resources, whether material or human, for CES undertakings. Its human resources have to radiate the core values and virtues inculcated by the university to be more effective in CES activities.                

It is a major concern of MSEUF to take the lead role for individual social transformation by affecting change and development in the lives of people in an identified community. Thus, it has to respond and address a gamut of problems and needs, and other requirements of people belonging to the different sectors of the society, but more specifically the marginalized and less privileged.

It is the whole MSEUF that is extended – its resources, services and benefits are just part of its total performance in implementing its community extension service program.

The CES Mission is an expression of the university’s commitment in undertaking community extension service, its desire to develop faculty and staff, and students with values which they can use in a wider community and utilize all its CES undertakings towards people and community development.

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation ventures into community extension service (application of knowledge) in identified communities by making available the community of scholars comprising the faculty and students, facilities and other logistics needed in the implementation of its Community Extension Service Program.

Community extension service as one of the functions of the University is “designed to develop leaders in the professions – men and women who are capable of participating in the pursuit of national goals, enhancing the national heritage, and applying solutions to problems that confront contemporary Philippine society. To nurture a high level of professionalism, the university endeavors to inculcate in its students a value system that includes virtues as self-reliance, integrity, creativity, moral sensitivity, discipline, critical thinking, love for truth and beauty, and a commitment to the service of God and country.”

At the community level, the Community Extension Service Program aims to develop aware and responsive people towards national development and ultimately to become more productive and better citizens of the communities where they belong.