Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Discover the vision of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation through our Chairman's message. Unveil a commitment to global excellence, mindful education, and community impact. Join us in shaping futures through research, leadership, and professionalism. Embrace a journey of learning that transcends boundaries. Explore the Chairman's insights for a glimpse into our university's inspiring direction.

Message from the Chairman

Since January 21, 1983 when I assumed office as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation went through a period of managed growth that built on the foundations already laid by the Founder-President, Dr. Manuel S. Enverga, within the capacity of the financial and human resources available to the institution.

We relentlessly pursued our drive for academic excellence that has reaped for the University recognition and inclusion in the elite category of the top higher education institutions in the country today. We focused our resources on accreditation and ISO certification to maintain quality, efficiency and effectiveness, even as we continued to update administrative systems and practices.

We expanded our scholarship programs, allocated resources for faculty development, research, and community extension and have made our resources, both human and financial, available for the uplift of distressed and marginalized communities.

We have also established networks and linkages with alumni, industry, government and non-government agencies to draw best practices and assistance for the improvement of the University.

We will continue our thrusts towards improving quality, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability.



Chairman, Board of Trustees