Community Extension Service: The Envergan Way

Community Extension Service: The Envergan Way

Enverga University functions in instruction, research, and community service, interconnecting each area. Instruction incorporates knowledge from research and community service, and vice versa. MSEUF's trilogy of functions synergizes, forming integral parts of the education entity. In community extension service, MSEUF adheres to its vision and mission as guideposts for policies and plans.

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation as an educational institution operates on a trilogy of functions, namely: instruction, research and community service. Although each area functions individually they are not disparate. They interface with one another because each function is interrelated with one another.

While instruction utilizes either theoretical or practical foundations, it also applies the knowledge gained from research and community service to enhance it. Moreover, research in the school setting draws its search for new knowledge or broadens existing knowledge from instruction into community service. On the other hand, community service derives its plans and programs for the delivery of community development-oriented service from the outputs of research and instruction.

As a whole, the three being inherent functions of MSEUF complement one another becoming integrated and inseparable parts of the entire education entity.

MSEUF in the exercise of its community extension service functions is guided by its own community extension service program vision and mission which are the general guideposts for all policies and plans of the CES program.