MSEUF supports LCNHS Mayao Crossing Extension with academic, financial aid

Community Relations Department

MSEUF supports LCNHS Mayao Crossing Extension with academic, financial aid
In a concerted effort to bolster academic performance and alleviate financial burdens, Enverga University distributed allowances to 30 students of Lucena City National High School Mayao Crossing Extension (LCNHS-MCE), March 18. 

Director Milagrosa Lawas of the Enverga University Community Relations Department (CRD) led the initiative which aims to address the academic needs of students at risk of dropping out while strengthening the school’s dropout reduction program. 

In coordination with Project AKAP PKP coordinator, Allan Tomines, and LCNHS-MCE Principal, Rebecca Recto, Enverga University is committed to providing essential support to students facing academic, mental, and financial challenges. Under this project, three (3) crucial services are offered: academic support, guidance and counseling, and financial aid. 

“The partnership between LCNHS Mayao Crossing Extension and MSEUF has been instrumental in uplifting the academic journey of these students,” expressed Director Lawas. 

“We understand the multifaceted challenges students encounter, and through collaborative efforts, we aim to mitigate these obstacles,” she added. 

The project, now in its second year, produced tangible results , he reduction of the school dropout rate, through the provision of academic resources, counseling services, and financial assistance. 

Enverga University remains steadfast in its commitment by supplying school supplies at the beginning and middle of the academic year, ensuring students have the necessary tools for success. 

“We believe in the transformative power of education and are dedicated to supporting students in realizing their full potential,” remarked Principal Recto. 

“The allowances provided in two tranches play a pivotal role in ensuring students attend classes and remain engaged in their academic pursuits,” Recto added.

Aligned with its mission of serving God and country, Enverga University acknowledges the challenges faced by students on the brink of dropping out or struggling academically. 

By extending a helping hand, the University underscores its commitment to nurturing future leaders and advancing academic excellence within the community. 

As the collaboration between LCNHS-MCE and the University continues, it serves as a beacon of hope for students facing adversities, emphasizing that with collective support and determination, success is within reach. 

The activity aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as follows: 

  • Quality Education (SDG 4) – By providing academic support, guidance and counseling, and financial aid to students at risk of dropping out, the initiative contributes to ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. 
  • Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10) – The project aims to address the academic needs of students facing various challenges, thereby reducing inequalities in access to education and academic support services. 
  • Good Health and Well-Being (SDG 3) – Through the provision of counseling services and support for mental health, the initiative promotes the well-being of students, contributing to their overall health and happiness. 
  • Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17) – The collaboration between Lucena City National High School Mayao Crossing Extension, the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, and Project AKAP PKP coordinator exemplifies the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals and improving the lives of communities