Master of Arts in Physical Education

Master of Arts in

Physical Education

The Master of Arts in Physical Education (MAEd-PE) is a specialized graduate program designed for educators and fitness professionals seeking advanced knowledge in the field of physical education. This program focuses on enhancing teaching methodologies, curriculum development, and research in the context of physical education and sports. Participants engage in a comprehensive exploration of exercise physiology, motor development, and the socio-cultural aspects of physical activity. The program equips graduates with the expertise to promote lifelong physical wellness and contribute to the advancement of physical education practices.

Program Educational Objectives

Not Available

  • Curriculum

    1st Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Foundation of Education3
    Methods of Research3
    Fundamental Statistics3

    1st Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Adv. Suprv’n & Admin of PE & Sports3
    Current Trends & Issues for PEduc3
    Advance Teaching of Danced3
    Seminar on Sports Medicine3

    2nd Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Teaching of Sports3
    Special Activities for Handicapped3
    Management of Sports Competition3
    Computer Application for Education3

    2nd Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Advanced Management and Evaluation3
    Sports Psychology3
    Motor Skills of Learning3
    PEduc and Sports Facilities3
    Advanced Recreation in PEduc3
    Suprv’n of Teaching & Curriculum Dev’t3
    Suprv’n of Teaching & Curriculum Dev’t3
    Thesis Writing3
    The curriculum is subject to modification without prior notice. For precise and current listings, kindly coordinate with our registrar department.
  • Estimated Fees
    Particular Amount
    Estimated Total Fees per semester (including tuition and other fees)₱27,359.00
    The particulars and corresponding amounts are subject to modification without prior notice. For precise and current listings, kindly coordinate with our treasury and assessment department.
  • Career Opportunities

    Senior Level:

    • Director of Physical Education and Athletics (School/College): Oversee the entire physical education and athletic program. Provide leadership, set policies, and ensure compliance.
    • Director of Recreation and Wellness: Lead recreation and wellness programs for a community or organization. Develop strategic initiatives and manage program budgets.
    • Sports Development Manager: Oversee sports development initiatives at a regional or national level. Collaborate with organizations to enhance sports participation.
    • College/University Professor (Physical Education): Teach physical education courses at the college or university level. Conduct research and publish scholarly work.
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist: Work with athletes to enhance their physical performance. Provide specialized training and rehabilitation strategies.

    Managerial/Executive Level:

    • Chief Sports Officer: Serve as the top executive overseeing sports programs and initiatives. Shape strategic initiatives and partnerships.
    • Director of Corporate Wellness: Oversee corporate wellness programs on a national or international scale. Develop and implement strategies for employee well-being.
    • CEO of Sports Development Organization: Lead a sports development organization at the executive level. Advocate for sports participation and development.
    • Director of Health and Fitness: Oversee health and fitness programs across multiple locations or organizations. Develop and implement wellness strategies.
    • Dean of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (College/University): Serve as the academic leader for the physical education and sports sciences department. Provide leadership in curriculum development and research initiatives.


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