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Administrators International Linkaging Tour

The International Linkaging Tour (ILT) of MSEUF Administrators is conducted annually. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees decides the country where the tour will be held and the Office of the Vice President for External Relations and Office of International Linkages arranges the itinerary including the university which will be visited.

Guidelines of the Tour

  1. A comforme is circulated to all administrators to signify their intention to participate in the tour. Once signed, the final list is presented to the President and the Chairman of the BOT.
  2. The Office of International Linkages arranges the itinerary and communicates to the universities which will be visited. Upon acceptance of the formal invitation from the University, itinerary will be finalized.
  3. An orientation for all participants is set before the date of departure. Participants are given the itinerary and instructions for the tour.
  4. During the tour, committees are assigned to handle the tour’s activities.
  5. After the tour, an evaluation instrument is circulated, retrieved and interpreted.
  6. The results of the evaluation are presented to the Academic Council or to a special meeting conducted by the Office of the President.