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MSEUF’s 'The Luzonian' proves excellence

MSEUF’s 'The Luzonian' proves excellence

“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.”

Adopted from one of the famous quotes, Raynell Inojosa, The Luzonian editor-in-chief, exclaimed this line during the Regional Press Conference as he is determined to revive the good impressions that The L once had.

Reaping numerous awards in the recent Regional Higher Education Press Conference (RHEPC) held Jan.9-11 at Batis Aramin, Lucban, Quezon, The L proved their worth as student journalists on both individual and group contests.

The L new artist, Kenneth Kier Reyes, bagged four awards as he placed 2nd in Comic Strip Filipino, 3rd place in Graphic Illustration Filipino, 9th place in Editorial Cartoon Filipino, and announced as the 3rdHighest Individual Pointer.

Dexter Villamin, Business Editor, hailed as champion in Column Writing Filipino and 7thplacer in Editorial Writing English; while the new staffer, Ma. Jonie Bianca Masaganda placed 2nd in Copyreading and Headline Writing English.

Managing Editors, Yvonne Charisse Gam is declared as championing Feature Writing English and 7thplacer in Comic Strip Filipino while Aura Tagon ranked 4th in Development Communication Writing Filipino and 5th in News Writing English.

Inojosa placed 9th and 10th in Editorial Writing Filipino and Copyreading and Headline Writing Filipino, respectively.

The Luzonian Publication, on the other hand, ranked as Top 10 Best Performing Schools in RHEPC. The group also grabbed 7th place in Best News Page and 10th place Best Page Design for Newsletter and 10th place Best DevCom Page for Tabloid.

With the theme, “Campus Journalism in the New Media Technology,” RHEPC welcomed 37 participating schools with representatives for each of the categories in News Writing, FeatureWriting, Sports Writing, Editorial Writing, DevCom Writing, Copyreading and Headline Writing, Poetry Writing, Photojournalism, Comic Strip, Graphic Illustration and Editorial Cartooning both in English and Filipino.

Top five winners will compete in the Luzonwide Press Conference to be held in Legazpi, Albay, Feb. 10-12. /Aura Tagon