Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (ETEEAP)

Bachelor of Arts in

Political Science (ETEEAP)

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (ABPL) program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of political systems, theories, and practices. It equips students with critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills necessary for understanding and participating in the political process.

Program Educational Objectives

1 Graduates shall have effective communication and teamwork skills, creativity and critical thinking;Collaborative with leadership skills, critical thinker, and creative
2 Graduates shall have skills and capacities to apply theories in various disciplines in accordance with high standards of ethics;Ethical, competent and equipped with research-based knowledge
3 Graduates shall become successful professionals serving local and international communities; andCollaborative and with leadership skills
4 Graduates shall have lifelong learning skills to facilitate changes in themselves and in their society.Life-long learner
  • Program Outcomes
    • Compare, contrast and classify the major concepts in the discipline;
    • Recognize and define the distinctiveness of the discipline, its sub-fields, theories and methods;
    • Design and execute research inquiries using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods guided by theories or conceptual frameworks;
    • Demonstrate written, visual and oral presentation skills to produce and present analytical reports;
    • Critique, judge and respond to current issues and problems based on a substantive understanding of the historical and contemporary developments in the national and global contexts; and
    • Develop a predisposition towards ethical political involvement and practice in various forms and on different levels of engagement.


Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation - Lucena City Lucena

Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program ETEEAP


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