Exploring Involuntary Singlehood: The Experiences of Selected Filipino Middle Adults in Lucena City



Involuntary singlehood may also cause feelings of loneliness and helplessness, which may worsen chronic anxiety and depression, according to quantitative studies. This research study has explored the subjective experiences of 4 involuntarily single Filipino middle-aged individuals in Lucena City, which employed a qualitative narrative inquiry method. This study aimed to analyze the social expectations among middle-aged people, the perceived causes of singleness, and its psychological effects on an individual through thematic analysis. After analyzing the interviews, the investigation identified twelve (12) major themes. These were: (1) marriage concerns; (2) self-observed personality traits ; (3) unsuccessful romantic relationships; (4) a positive attitude towards friends and strangers; (5) significance of relationships; (6) anticipated marriage struggles; (7) a positive attitude towards others; (8) decreased interest in socialization; (9) present healthy coping mechanisms; (10) maladaptive ways of coping; (11) satisfaction and contentment in life; and (12) negative view on self and situation. The themes mentioned precisely explain how history in familial obligations, level of acceptance in singlehood, coping strategies, and outlook in life may impact the psychological health of single Filipino middle adults.


Filipino middle adults
involuntary singlehood
psychological health
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