Level of Competency and Preparedness of Nursing Students on Medication Administration: A Mixed Method Study



Nursing students deal with complex processes of knowledge and skills that require a high level of competency and preparedness. Several areas in clinical settings include medication knowledge and proficiency in medication administration. This study employed an explanatory sequential design, wherein quantitative data was collected, analyzed, validated, and interpreted using qualitative data. Respondents were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year nursing students from Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City. They were given survey questionnaires for quantitative data, then utilized respondents to be interviewed based on their perceptions of medication administration for qualitative data. Results revealed that the level of competency and preparedness of nursing students in medication administration were very competent and highly prepared. There was no significant difference based on their level of competency, preparedness, and demographic profile. Moreover, Spearman Rho CorrelationMANUEL S. ENVERGA UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION Lucena City An Autonomous University DR. CESAR A. VILLARIBA RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE QUALITY FORM Document Code: DCAVRKMI-F-URFR Document Title: Undergraduate Research Final Report Page No.: Page 9 of 202 Revision No.: 1 Effectivity Date: May 2018 Prepared by: DCAVRKMI-F-URFR Reviewed by: QMR Approved by: President showed that there was a significant relationship between two variables, level of competency and preparedness. Qualitative results are categorized as a beam of the battleground, ignite of insights, and doff dire to light. They encountered experiences, classified under themes of being trapped under cold sweat, surviving a tightrope, and satisfaction at its finest. Moreover, they faced various circumstances, under themes of the human torch, edifying oneself, complying with virtuosity, and piercing veil. Respondents stated their coping mechanisms under themes of helping wary hands, lightbulb on and fighting the infinite crisis. Results recognized the level of competency and preparedness of nursing students in medication administration. It provides significant benefits to all beneficiaries of this present study, including nursing students, school of nursing, clinical instructors, patients, researchers, and future researchers.


medication administration
nursing student
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