Nursing homes are a relatively new phenomenon in today's culture. A nursing home can be characterized as a long-term care institution (LTC). LTC provides nursing care and medical services that can work alone or in cooperation with a hospital under the general supervision of people who are licensed to practice medicine or surgery. LTC often has no resident physicians and only provides a small number of medical services. The nursing home will be a place where senior citizens and people who have special needs can get nursing care and supervision when their families are unable to care for them and when they no longer have relatives. The primary objective of this nursing home is to provide the residents with a welcoming and gratifying environment that places a significant focus on sustainable planning and exploring different-use architecture. Users must be provided with both physical and psychological comfort at the establishment The building should be recognizable, pleasant, and welcoming to patients and visitors and can integrate with the surroundings. The project is located at Brgy. Bocohan, Lucena City, Quezon Province has the latest population of 6362 as of the 2020 census. The two criteria that are most desired are the availability of private rooms and nursing homes with sufficient and effective staff. In conclusion, it's crucial to provide individualized care, which is possible by viewing every user as a unique individual with specific needs. It is also important for nursing homes to support the welfare of the nurses so that they are more fruitful in providing care.


Long-Term Care (LTC)
Nursing Home
Sustainable Planning
Physical and Psychological Comfort
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