Challenges Encountered in the Recruitment Process of a Seafarer in the New Normal



This study determined the challenges encountered in the recruitment of a seafarer in the new normal. Knowing the impact of the recruitment process they might encounter the seafarers to be aware of the students in maritime education and soon-to-be seafarers. The researcher aimed to achieve the objective of the study, to gather the data needed and help the beneficiaries of the study. A qualitative research design was used in this study and the researchers collected and analyzed non-numerical data obtained using interviews as a research instrument. The researchers used an open-ended question as an interview guide to gather data on Challenges encountered in the recruitment process of a seafarer at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. The collection of data was done through a recorded Zoom meeting. This study was conducted in Lucena City Quezon Province. There will be a total of twelve (12) respondents coming from different places in Lucena City who experienced challenges in the recruitment process. The result of the study about the challenges in encounter recruitment process of a seafarer in the new normal was will be used to gain knowledge on how the challenges affect a future seafarer in the recruitment process, and how to address the challenges.


challenges encounter
social cognitive theory
recruitment theory
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