Experiences of the Parents of Maritime Students in Academic Journey



This study aimed to describe the experiences of the 3rd Year Maritime Students' Parents in their academic journey. The researcher also determined the demographic profile age and relationship to the student. In addition, it sought the factors that affected the Parents' Experiences. The study used descriptive qualitative design which aims to describe the insights of parents. There three parents of maritime students at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation taken as samples via availability sampling who participated in the study. Results show that the pandemic lead to very unequal opportunities for learning some people have a problem in finance, and don't have enough money to fill their needs, especially education. Parents did not let the pandemic break their child's dream to finish their studies and graduating. Parents are all supportive just for the education of their children emotional and spiritual support. They played well in the parent's role and involvement in fulfilling the child's education.


academic journey
maritime education
parents’ experiences
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