Disaster Preparedness and Resilience Management of Beach Resorts at Laiya San Juan Batangas: Basis for a Proposed Resilience Model for Tourism Destination Along Coastal Area



This study focused on disaster preparedness among beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas. This was to ensure that the beach resorts in the coastal areas offer quality services, through disaster risk preparedness and resiliency strategies, because the need to be prepared and resilient is a must, especially in mitigating the cause of any natural disasters. The respondents of the study were selected employees and guests in selected resorts in Laiya Batangas. The researcher employed a descriptive quantitative method of research. The findings of the study revealed that most of the guests were millennials; they agreed that the beach resorts were prepared in providing the facilities, amenities, and services. Moreover, the disaster management plan was agreed to be implemented among their resorts. In addition, it was revealed that based on the attitude and behavior of the respondents, it was revealed that the majority of them strongly agreed that they felt safe and had the initiative to follow instructions during emergencies and the initiative to help and be prepared in handling risks and disasters. In addition, the different codes were derived from the responses of the participants during the interview. The following are the codes: immediate, check, communication, social media, posters, disseminate, coordination, training, disaster management team, meeting, platform, and marketing. Moreover, there was only a significant relationship between the profile of the respondents in terms of age and gender and there was also a significant relationship between the level of disaster preparedness employed by the beach resorts, as well as the disaster management plan applied by the respondents. Thus, a resiliency model was created based on the results of the study that would serve as a guide on how to provide quality service among the guest through resiliency and preparedness.


beach resorts
disaster preparedness
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