Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science in

Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management program is designed to prepare students for careers in the dynamic and growing field of tourism and hospitality. The program aims to provide students with a strong foundation in business, management, and specialized knowledge in tourism, enabling them to contribute effectively to the global tourism industry.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of BSTM program shall:

1 Secure Gainful Employment in the Tourism Industry;Competent and equipped with research-based knowledge
2 Showcase Professionalism and Innovation in Tourism Solutions;Ethical, critical thinker, and problem solver
3 Cultivate a Lifelong Learning Mindset for Tourism Advancements; andLife-long learner
4 Demonstrate Leadership, Teamwork, and Commitment in Tourism Organizations;Collaborative and with leadership skills
  • Program Outcomes
    • Graduates shall practice as successful hospitality management practitioners for the advancement of society;
    • Graduates shall promote professionalism in the practice of tourism and hospitality management; and
    • Graduates shall become successful professionals serving local and international communities.
  • Curriculum

    1st Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    English Enhancement Course3
    The University and2
    Macro Perspective to Tourism and Hospitality3
    Risk Management as Applied to Safety Security and Sanitation3
    Operation Management in Tourism and Hospitality3
    Mathematics in the Modern World3
    Naval Res Officer Trng Course 13
    National Service Training Program 13
    Physical Activities Toward Health and Fitness 12
    Understanding the Self3

    1st Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Purposive Communication3
    The Family2
    Micro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality3
    Tourism and Hospitality Marketing3
    Sustainable Toursim3
    Naval Res Officer Trng Course 23
    National Service Training Program 23
    Physical Activities Toward Health and Fitness 22
    Science, Technology and Society3

    2nd Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality3
    Phil. Culture and Toursim Geography3
    Transportation Management3
    Heritage Tourism3
    Tour Guiding3
    Physical Activities Toward Health and Fitness 31
    Readings in Philippine History3

    2nd Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Academic Writing3
    Multicultural Diversity in Workplace for the Tourism Prof3
    Art Appreciation3
    Tour and Travel Management3
    Cruise Tourism3
    Applied Business Tools and Technologies in Tourism3
    Physical Activities Toward Health and Fitness 42

    2nd Year • Summer

    Course NameUnits
    Practicum 13

    3rd Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Panitikang Filipino3
    Foreign Language 13
    Tourism Policy Planning and Development3
    Research in Tourism 13
    Global Culture and Tourism Geography3
    Specialized Food and Beverage Service Operational3
    The Contemporary World3

    3rd Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Foreign Language 23
    Legal Aspects in Tourism and Hospitality3
    Quality Service Management Tourism and Hospitality3
    Professional Development and Apllied Ethics3
    Research in Tourism 23
    Accomodation Operation and Management3

    4th Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    English for Occupational Purposes3
    Strategic Management and TQM3
    Introduction to MICE3
    Ecotourism Management3
    Great Books3
    Rizal's Life, Works and Writings3

    4th Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Practicum 23
    The curriculum is subject to modification without prior notice. For precise and current listings, kindly coordinate with our registrar department.
  • Estimated Fees
    Particular Amount
    Estimated Total Fees per semester (including tuition and other fees)₱30,561.00
    The particulars and corresponding amounts are subject to modification without prior notice. For precise and current listings, kindly coordinate with our treasury and assessment department.
  • Career Opportunities

    Entry Level:

    • Tour Coordinator: Assist in planning and organizing travel itineraries for groups. Coordinate transportation, accommodations, and activities.
    • Customer Service Representative (Tourism): Provide assistance and information to tourists. Handle inquiries, bookings, and resolve issues.
    • Travel Consultant: Assist clients in planning and booking travel arrangements. Provide recommendations on destinations, accommodations, and activities.
    • Event Coordinator (Tourism Events): Assist in organizing and coordinating tourism-related events. Collaborate with vendors, sponsors, and participants.
    • Front Desk Officer (Hotel/Resort): Work in the hospitality sector handling guest check-ins and inquiries. Provide information about local attractions and services.


    • Tourism Manager: Oversee the operations of a tourism department or agency. Develop and implement strategies for business growth.
    • Destination Marketing Manager: Develop marketing campaigns to promote a specific destination. Collaborate with local businesses and tourism boards.
    • Travel Sales Manager: Lead a sales team in promoting and selling travel packages. Develop sales strategies to meet revenue targets.
    • Event Manager (Tourism Events): Plan and execute large-scale tourism events and conferences. Coordinate logistics, sponsorships, and participant engagement.
    • Hotel/Resort Manager: Oversee the daily operations of a hotel or resort. Manage staff, guest services, and facility maintenance.

    Senior Level:

    • Director of Tourism: Lead the tourism department at a regional or national level. Develop and implement policies to enhance the tourism industry.
    • Senior Destination Marketing Executive: Shape the marketing strategy for promoting destinations. Collaborate with government bodies and industry stakeholders.
    • Senior Travel Consultant: Provide expert advice and consultation on complex travel arrangements. Mentor junior consultants and contribute to product development.
    • Chief Operating Officer (COO - Tourism Company): Oversee the overall operations of a tourism company. Contribute to strategic planning and business development.
    • Tourism Development Manager: Plan and implement strategies for sustainable tourism development. Collaborate with local communities and environmental organizations.

    Managerial/Executive Level:

    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO - Tourism Agency): Serve as the top executive in charge of a tourism agency or company. Set corporate strategy, lead business development, and ensure company success.
    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO - Tourism): Oversee the marketing strategy for a tourism organization. Shape brand positioning and customer engagement.
    • Director General of Tourism Board: Lead the overall vision and strategy of a national tourism board. Collaborate with government agencies and industry partners.
    • Chief Experience Officer (CXO - Tourism): Oversee the overall customer experience in tourism services. Drive initiatives for enhancing customer satisfaction.
    • Vice President of Global Sales (Tourism): Lead global sales efforts for a tourism organization. Develop partnerships, negotiate contracts, and expand market reach.


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