Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (ETEEAP) major in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in

Business Administration (ETEEAP)

major in Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Management (BSBA-HRM) program prepares students for a career in the Human Resource Department of any organization, handling the many diverse human capital requirements of the organization, including recruitment, staffing, training, and career development.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of BSBA Program should be able to;

1 Practice as successful business administration practitioner for the advancement of society;Competent and equipped with research-based knowledge
2 Promote professionalism in the practice of business profession;Ethical, critical thinker, problem solver, and innovative
3 Pursue further studies in business and management and related fields.Life-long learner
  • Program Outcomes
    • Interpret how competitive advantage can be achieved through investment in employees.
    • Perform the basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, leading and controlling
    • Demonstrate corporate and social responsibility
    • Apply information and communication technology (ICT) effectively and efficiently Employ the importance of monitoring external trends and events.
    • Work well with others
    • Use the proper decision tools to critically, analytically, and creatively solve problems and drive results


Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation - Lucena City Lucena

Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program ETEEAP


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