Bachelor of Arts in Communication (ETEEAP)

Bachelor of Arts in

Communication (ETEEAP)

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication (AB Comm) program covers the various ways by which humans communicate. It focused on how verbal and non-verbal messages are used to create meanings in different contexts using diverse media platforms. It includes a broad range of subject matter ranging from the study of communication in interpersonal relationships, groups, organizations, and cultures.

Program Educational Objectives

1 Graduates shall have effective communication and teamwork skills, creativity and critical thinking;Collaborative with leadership skills, critical thinker, and creative
2 Graduates shall have skills and capacities to apply theories in various disciplines in accordance with high standards of ethics;Ethical, competent and equipped with research-based knowledge
3 Graduates shall become successful professionals serving local and international communities; andCollaborative and with leadership skills
4 Graduates shall have lifelong learning skills to facilitate changes in themselves and in their society.Life-long learner
  • Program Outcomes
    • Define and access information needs; assess and organize information and knowledge; produce, share and utilize information and knowledge;
    • Communicate in different formats and platforms (print, broadcast and online)
    • Prepare Communication/media plan;
    • Conduct communication and media research and evaluation;
    • Develop and produce communication materials in different formats and platforms;
    • Demonstrate communication management and leadership skills;
    • Develop entrepreneurial capabilities;
    • Adhere to ethical standards and practices;
    • Know and practice rights and responsibilities and accountabilities in the communication profession;
    • Demonstrate a development orientation in communication work;
    • Apply communication theories/models, principles, practices, and tools in development work;
    • Understand and apply social science concepts and theories to the analysis of social issues;
    • Design and execute social research using appropriate approaches and methods;
    • Practice professional and ethical standards in the fields of social sciences and communication;
    • Engage in lifelong learning and understanding of the need to keep abreast of the developments in BA Communication;
    • Effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino;
    • Effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
    • Recognize professional, social, and ethical responsibilities; and
    • Appreciate "Filipino historical and cultural heritage" (based on RA 7722)


Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation - Lucena City Lucena

Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program ETEEAP


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