Enverga University surpasses nat'l passing rate in April 2024 boards; produces 27 new registered civil engineers

The Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF) College of Engineering produced new Registered Civil Engineers as 27 alumni passed the Civil Engineers Licensure Examination.

The University's passing percentage exceed the national passign rate, 41.54% against 39.27%.

The following are the sucessful examinees of the said exam:

  1. Engr. Victor Angelo M. Alcoreza III
  2. Engr. John Kenneth M. Antonio
  3. Engr. Jhon Paulo C. Caseres
  4. Engr. Aedenn Ver F. Consul
  5. Engr. Carlo G. Dimaranan
  6. Engr. Grace M. Dolores
  7. Engr. Bryan I. Estrella
  8. Engr. Graeme Limerick P. Fabie
  9. Engr.Jwan Mari E. Fernandez
  10. Engr. Shane Louis M. Holanda
  11. Engr. Reymark V. Ilagan
  12. Engr. Jesselyn P. Josol
  13. Engr. Cj D. Macapagal
  14. Engr. Mikaela S. Manzano
  15. Engr. David D. Obdianela
  16. Engr. Joughnzeal M. Olveda
  17. Engr. Jade Rick A. Ortega
  18. Engr. Laila N. Otico
  19. Engr. Lance Adrian V. Pondivida
  20. Engr. Jan Elloj Jesu C. Reyes
  21. Engr. Melissa Irish M. Rodelas
  22. Engr. Barry D. Samiano
  23. Engr. Wilord D. San Miguel
  24. Engr. Shekinah Nicole G. Sanchez
  25. Engr. Jose Rongie D. Soler
  26. Engr. Kirt Auel C. Susmerano
  27. Engr. Rhowelle M. Tibay

  • This achievement is a testament to our University's contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education) and Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), as we continue to produce highly skilled professionals who drive technological advancements and contribute to economic development.