Wind Speed Prediction Using Gaussian Process Regression: A Machine Learning Approach

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Pedro Jose L. de Castro


Ronaldo C. Maaño



Wind power is a challenge in power generation. The tortuous process stages in generating voltage become a significant problem to be solved properly. One indicator of the process is the determination of the right wind speed because it always changes at any time and under circumstances. For this reason, accurate predictions are needed so as to maintain the smooth integration of wind power into the overall system. Machine learning is used as a promising approach to dealing with wind intermittent power because wind speed prediction methods have been developed in recent years. This study explores climate patterns in the Philippines using data collected from PAGASA. The data is trained and tested with a machine learning model to predict wind speed. This research resulted in the Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) model outperforming other models and is very suitable for datasets in achieving accurate and reliable predictions.

Date Published

August 16, 2023

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Wind speed
Machine learning
Gaussian processes
Predictive models
Wind power generation
Wind farms