Thematic Reflections of Students' Narratives Referred For Counseling Sessions

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Rey Marco Casiño

Office of Student Affairs, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation

Roderick Rabina

Office of Student Affairs, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation


The counseling services is an important part of the University’s intervention support program as it conditions the learner to make sense of their issues that are hampering their personal and academic progress. Moreover, the focus of this intervention program which is more of a talk therapy can address different areas of a student’s personality which can bring awareness in the issues and challenges that they are not willing to express. Moreover, the intervention is deemed important for students with academic and nonacademic infractions to take time to understand the cause of their behaviors. Valuing their stories and world views; plus, giving importance to their presence can help the client shift their emotions for the better; and to help them strike the balance in their personal, mental, and academic standpoints. This study investigated the students’ experiences after their counseling sessions using the service evaluation forms whose process followed a descriptive qualitative approach. The participants are those referred to undergo counseling and talk therapy sessions that is part of the intervention action program of the prefect of discipline department. Using thematic analysis, the resurfacing themes are identified using semantic coding process. Correspondingly, the generated themes reflect how the sessions helped and benefitted the students not as a violator, but more of a valued client in need of emotional support and intervention.

Date Published

November 25, 2023



talk therapy
thematic analysis