Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialization in Visual Communication

Bachelor of

Fine Arts

with specialization in Visual Communication

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program is characterized by the process of (1) pursuing aesthetic concerns, (2) using visuals and supplementary sensory devices creatively to translate ideas, and (3) producing and authoring media and related technologies to express ideas, communicate messages, and raise opinions to elicit reactions and actions from audiences, users, or receivers of information.

Program Educational Objectives

The following are the Program Educational Objectives of the BFA progam:

1 Produce creative works that exhibit core Filipino values;Creative and innovative
2 Demonstrate high level of competencies in artistic production in local and international; and settings; andCompetent and equipped with research-based knowledge, collaborative, and with leadership skills
3 Committed to nation-building and lifelong learning.Life-long learner, ethical, critical thinker, and problem solver
  • Program Outcomes
    • Have knowledge of histories and application of theories and principles for concept forming;
    • Have knowledge and exploration of materials and processes;
    • Visualize ideas;
    • Manipulate elements based on principles and theories of art and design;
    • Develop psychomotor skills;
    • Have professional and ethical practice in art design, and management;
    • Respect for cultural and natural environment;
    • Generate new knowledge; and
    • Have motivation towards lifelong learning.
  • Curriculum

    1st Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Visual Perception 13
    Materials 13
    Art History 13
    Understanding the Self3
    Art Appreciation3
    English Enhancement3
    The University and I2
    PE 12
    NSTP 13

    1st Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Visual Perception 23
    Techniques II3
    Materials II3
    Art History3
    The Contemporary World3
    Purposive Communication3
    The Family2
    NSTP II3
    PE II2

    2nd Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Visual Comm Design 13
    Figure Drawing 13
    Digital Design 13
    Photography 13
    Production Technique 13
    Living in the IT Era3
    Mathematics in the Modern World3
    Environmental Science3
    Readings in the Philippines History3
    PE III2

    2nd Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Visual Comm Design II3
    Figure Drawing II3
    Digital Design II3
    Photography II3
    Production Technique3
    Philippine Popular Culture3
    Rizal's Life, Works and Writings3
    Science, Technology and Society3
    PE IV2

    3rd Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Visual Comm Design III3
    Vis Comm Elective 13
    Digital Design III3
    Visual Verbal Comm III3
    Design Theory3
    Panitikang Filipino3
    Entrepreneurial Mind3

    3rd Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Visual Comm Design IV3
    Philippine Art3
    Digital Design IV3
    Prob in Vis Comm3
    Creative Research3
    Academic Writing3

    4th Year • 1st Semester

    Course NameUnits
    FA Elective 13
    Directed Research3
    Foreign Language3

    4th Year • 2nd Semester

    Course NameUnits
    Seminar in Creative Management3
    FA Elective II3
    Vis Comm Elective II3
    English for Occupational Purposes3
    The curriculum is subject to modification without prior notice. For precise and current listings, kindly coordinate with our registrar department.
  • Estimated Fees
    Particular Amount
    Estimated Total Fees per semester (including tuition and other fees)₱43,111.00
    The particulars and corresponding amounts are subject to modification without prior notice. For precise and current listings, kindly coordinate with our treasury and assessment department.
  • Career Opportunities

    Entry Level

    • Graphic Designer: Create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas. Develop layouts and production design for advertisements, brochures, and other materials.
    • Junior Illustrator: Assist in the creation of illustrations for books, magazines, or digital media. Collaborate with art directors and other team members to execute visual concepts.
    • Production Assistant: Provide support in the production of visual materials. Assist in organizing and coordinating various aspects of design projects.
    • Social Media Content Creator: Develop engaging visual content for social media platforms. Collaborate with marketing teams to convey brand messages visually.
    • Entry-level Illustrator: Create illustrations for various purposes, such as books or digital media. Collaborate with writers or art directors on visual storytelling.
    • Web Designer: Design and create visual elements for websites. Ensure user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interfaces.
    • Junior UX/UI Designer: Assist in designing user interfaces and experiences. Collaborate with development teams for interactive projects.


    • Art Director: Oversee the visual aspects of a project and guide the artistic design. Collaborate with clients and teams to ensure creative vision is implemented effectively.
    • Senior Graphic Designer: Lead design projects, managing a team of designers. Develop and execute creative concepts for various marketing materials.
    • Creative Services Manager: Manage a team of creatives, including designers and artists. Oversee the development and execution of visual campaigns.
    • Senior Illustrator: Work on intricate illustrations for various purposes. Collaborate with editorial teams or lead visual storytelling project
    • Brand Identity Designer: Specialize in creating visual identities for brands. Ensure consistency across various brand materials.
    • Interactive Media Designer: Design visual elements for interactive media, such as apps or games. Collaborate with developers to create engaging user experiences.
    • Visual Content Strategist: Develop strategies for visual communication in marketing. Analyze trends and ensure visual content aligns with brand goals.

    Senior Level

    • Creative Director: Provide overall creative leadership and vision for a project or organization. Manage and mentor a team of designers and other creative professionals.
    • Senior Art Curator: Oversee the curation of art exhibitions and collections. Collaborate with artists and institutions.
    • Visual Communication Consultant: Offer expert advice on visual communication strategies to clients or organizations. Work independently or as part of a consulting firm to provide creative solutions.
    • Chief Visual Officer (CVO): Lead the visual aspects of a company's brand and communication. Contribute to overall brand strategy and image.
    • Director of Creative Services: Oversee the creative services department within an organization. Contribute to strategic planning and guide creative initiatives.
    • Senior User Experience (UX) Designer: Lead the design of user interfaces and experiences. Provide expert insights on user-centered design.
    • Visual Design Director: Oversee the visual design department. Set standards for visual design and ensure creative excellence.


    • Chief Creative Officer (CCO): Head the creative department, setting the overall creative direction. Collaborate with executives to align creative strategies with business goals.
    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Oversee the marketing strategy, including visual communication. Contribute to overall business strategy and growth.
    • Executive Director of Art and Design: Lead art and design departments within an institution. Set strategic goals for artistic initiatives.
    • CEO of Creative Agency: Lead a creative agency or design firm. Set overall strategic direction and business goals.
    • Visual Brand Strategist: Develop and implement visual brand strategies for businesses. Advise on overall brand positioning and communication.
    • Chief Digital Creative Officer: Lead the digital creative vision of a company. Oversee digital design teams and strategies.
    • Executive Director of Visual Communication: Oversee the visual communication department. Contribute to organizational strategy and brand positioning.


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College of Architecture and Fine Arts CAFA


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