Enhancement of the Professional Development Program for Faculty Members of Maranatha Christian Academy of Cabuyao, Inc.



This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the professional development program implemented by Maranatha Christian Academy of Cabuyao in enhancing the knowledge and competencies of its teaching force. Using a quantitative descriptive research methodology, the study identified the ongoing professional development needs of teachers, assessed the activities designed to address these needs, and gauged the perceived impact of the programs on their performance. Data were collected through interview and surveys among the 33 teachers at the Maranatha Christian Academy of Cabuyao. The participants were selected due to their direct involvement in the current professional development programs and plans of the institution, making their input crucial for assessing the impacts. Results revealed that the most teachers have attended seminars/training/INSET/ webinars/conferences, mentoring/peer teaching, faculty enhancement, and continuing education that focus on their content knowledge and pedagogy, curriculum planning, and personal growth and professional development. Professional development programs in their school were perceived as highly effective in terms of strategies used and management support. These have a significant and positive impact on teachers’ knowledge and skills and personal satisfaction. It is recommended that the school administration should design professional development programs that cater to the specific needs of different demographic characteristics of faculty members.


continuous professional development
professional development
professional development programs
teacher performance
teaching practices
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