Envergan researchers publish research on mental health

The Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Journal (APHERJ) accepted Dr. Maria Azela Tamayo, chairperson of the College of Arts and Sciences’  Languages and Humanities Department and alumna Ma. Antonette Leonod’s research "Attitudes and Professional Help-Seeking Motivation Towards Mental Health of Selected SHS Students" for publication on Aug. 31, 2023.

 In a collaborative effort between Leonod, a former Psychology student, and Dr. Tamayo, the research provided valuable insights into the attitudes and motivations of senior high school (SHS) students concerning their mental health.

 “The study allowed us to explore the dynamics of how young individuals perceive and approach their mental health needs. Understanding their attitudes and motivations is crucial for developing effective strategies to support their mental well-being,” Dr. Tamayo shared.

 The findings of the research revealed a range of attitudes and motivations towards mental health, illuminating factors that can influence the readiness of young individuals to seek professional help. 

 The journal publication underscored the quality and significance of the study reflecting the dedication of the research team and Enverga University to advancing knowledge across various fields.

 Leonod and Dr. Tamayo took a significant step in enhancing the understanding of the mental health challenges faced by high school students.  Their work is expected to inspire further research and contribute to shaping future strategies for supporting the mental well-being of young individuals.

 This accomplishment pointed out the crucial role of universities in promoting academic excellence and addressing real-world issues. MSEUF continues to be a hub for innovation and knowledge creation, exemplified by the work of its researchers.