CAS publishes another research in int’l journal

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) researchers successfully published their research in the Boletin de Literatura Oral, Nov. 14. 

Languages and Humanities Department Chairperson Dr. Maria Azela Tamayo and faculty members Jahzeel Sarmiento and Kristine Gail Riego collaborated on the study, "Huntahan: Banahaw Mysticism, Urban Legends, and Folktales.” 

Their paper studies the exploration of unrecorded urban legends and folktales originating from the towns along the foothills of the mystical Mount Banahaw.

Dr. Tamayo said that “having our research published in Boletin de Literatura Oral has not only validated our work but also provided a global platform for sharing insights in the realms of arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is a testament to the international recognition and impact of our contributions,” Dr. Tamayo stated. 

Boletin de Literatura Oral is a globally recognized journal that is peer-reviewed,  published internationally and provides fresh perspectives on topics within the arts, humanities and social sciences.