Quality Objectives

Objectives of the Junior High School, The JHS aims to develop students:
    1. who are communicatively competent 
    2. are functionally multi-literate 
    3. are technically, technologically, entrepreneurially competent 
    4. are equipped with life skills 
    5. are producers of knowledge 
    6. who possess the following core values 
        a. passion for excellence 
        b. respect for human dignity 
        c. social justice within the framework and democracy 
        d. sustainable development 
        e. peace and harmony 
Objectives of the Senior High School. The SHS program aims to develop students:
    1. who demonstrate personal effectiveness (soft skills) 
        1.1 intrapersonal skills 
        1.2 integrity 
        1.3 professionalism 
        1.4 initiative 
        1.5 dependability and reliability 
        1.6 willingness to learn 
    2. who demonstrate academic competencies (hard skills) 
        2.1 intensive reading 
        2.2 academic writing 
        2.3 mathematics 
        2.4 science and technology 
        2.5 communication 
        2.6 critical and analytical thinking 
        2.7 active leaming 
    3. who demonstrate workplace competencies (hard skills) 
        3.1 industry-wide 
        3.2 industry-specific 
        3.3 conceptual competence 
        3.4 procedural competence 
        3.5 performance competence