About the University Laboratories

The Office of the University Laboratories of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation was established in 2014 with the primary objective of overseeing and managing the laboratory facilities across various academic departments within the institution. These laboratories encompass a wide range of disciplines, including Science Laboratories (comprising Criminalistics, Chemistry Lab, Biology Labs, Speech Lab, Nursing Skills Lab, and Medical Technology Lab), Technical Laboratories under the College of Engineering and Maritime Education, International Hospitality and Tourism Management Laboratories, Maritime Laboratories, as well as the Basic Education and Senior High School Laboratories. The Office of University Laboratories ensures that conducive learning and facilitation of laboratory activities and research is continuous, safely conducted, and free from hazardous incidents. 

Dr. Carmina Villariba-Tolentino, a highly qualified professional, was appointed by the President of MSEUF to lead this department due to her extensive experience, particularly her five-year tenure as the Director of Science Laboratories. Dr. Villariba-Tolentino holds a bachelor's degree in medical technology and is a licensed Medical Technologist. Furthermore, she has earned advanced degrees, including a Master of Arts in Teaching from MSEUF, a Master of Science in Medical Technology from the Pontifical University of the University of Santo Tomas, and Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education from De La Salle University-Manila. 

The efficient operation of the University Laboratories is attributed to a dedicated team of staff members, each responsible for their respective areas of expertise. These individuals include:   

  • Mr. Noel Esteban Rosales – Laboratory Custodial Officer, Technical Laboratories 
  • Mrs. Clarissa D. Cordero, MBA – Laboratory Custodial Officer, Science Laboratories 
  • Mr. John Klefeard Zoleta – Academic Support Personnel, Maritime Laboratories 
  • Mr. Bernardo Baldovino – Laboratory Technician, Technical Laboratories 
  • Mr. Marc Ervin Villenas - Laboratory Assistant, Nursing Skills and Medical Technology Laboratories 
  • Mr. John Christopher G. Belina,L.Agr. - Laboratory Assistant, Science Laboratories 
  • Mr. Rommel Hiloma – Laboratory Coordinator, Basic Education Department Science and TLE Laboratories 
  • Mr. Raven Geringuillo – Laboratory Coordinator, Basic Education Department Computer and Speech Laboratories 

Together, this team ensures the smooth functioning and maintenance of the university's diverse laboratory facilities, supporting the educational and research endeavors of the institution across multiple disciplines.