Search for the Most Distinguished Alumni & Enverga Forever Global Awards Guidelines

Search for the Most Distinguished Alumni & Enverga Forever Global Awards Guidelines

1.0 Objective/Rationale

The Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation takes pride in the accomplishments and achievements of its alumni. Their achievements not only reflect well upon themselves but also extend and enhance the visibility, reputation, and integrity of the University.  
           The MSEUF Most Distinguished Alumni and Enverga Forever Alumni Global Awards are conferred on alumni who have demonstrated, in their chosen field of endeavor, exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions that bring about substantial benefits to society and distinct honor to the University. Recognition is given to achievements and contributions that impact the community in which the alumnus/alumna is or has been active, whether at the local, national, or international level.

1.1. Structure of Awards

                1.1 Most Distinguished Alumni Award

    The most prestigious award given by the MSEUF Alumni Association, the Most Distinguished Alumni Award, is given to alumni, regardless of the program, who have achieved outstanding success or recognition. The Selection Committee particularly looks for an individual who has achieved national, regional, or local prominence either in their professional fields or through their involvement in professional, civic, cultural, or charitable activities.

                1.2 Enverga Forever Alumni Global Awards

                The Enverga Forever Alumni Global Awards is intended to celebrate alumnus or alumna whose extraordinary service activities and professional achievements exemplify the Envergan ideal of education, empowerment, and excellence globally and have brought honor and distinction to the University and the country. It may include, but are not limited to, the following:

                     1.2.1 Transformational and people-oriented leadership
                     1.2.2 Public service and corporate social responsibility
                     1.2.3 Social and Human Sciences
                     1.2.4 Peace and social cohesion 
                     1.2.5 Gender equality and women empowerment 
                     1.2.6 Communication and information 
                     1.2.7 Environmental protection and conservation
                     1.2.8 Entrepreneurship and Employment Creation
                     1.2.9 Culture and the arts
                     1.2.10 Science and Technological Innovation
                     1.2.11 Education Development
                     1.2.12 Medical advancement and public health 
                     1.2.13 Social justice and human rights
1.2  Implementing Guidelines

           1.2.1 Eligibility

             2.1.1 The Search for the Most Distinguished Alumni and Enverga Forever Alumni Global Awardees is open to all MSEUF alumni of good moral character and whose dedication to their profession or vocation has made significant contributions to the advancement of their calling, public welfare, and community and/or national and global development.

             2.1.2 Candidates must have received a degree, diploma and/or certificate from MSEUF.

             2.1.3 Officers of the MSEUF, members of the selection committee, board of trustees, current faculty, and employees of the University are not eligible for the awards.

            2.1.4 All awards must be accepted personally unless the recipient is incapacitated to the extent that attendance at the event would constitute undue hardship. In such instances, and at the discretion of the President of the University, the presentation may be made to a designee selected by the recipient.

           2.1.5  A posthumous award may be given, with their presentation made to a designee selected by the family of the recipient.

1.3      Nominations

         1.3.1 Nominations for the award may be submitted by alumni, acquaintances, associates, friends or relatives. However, the expressed permission of the nominee must be secured by the nominator for the nomination to be valid.

         1.3.2 The nominator is enjoined to furnish the Awards Committee with additional information in connection with the basic nomination data of the nominee, particularly related to service to the community within or outside the nominee’s professional area. Copies of documentary evidence of achievements or accomplishments of the nominee may accompany the nomination form on behalf of the nominee. In case these are not available at the time of nomination, the nominator should attest in the nomination form that he had informed the nominee that such documents shall be required from them. These documentations shall be the major basis for determining the recipients of the awards.

         1.3.3 It is understood that when the nominee consents to the nomination, their personal data may be divulged publicly in relation to the awards.

         1.3.4 A nominator can only nominate one nominee.

         1.3.5 Nominations forms may be obtained from the MSEUF Alumni Office, or may be downloaded from the MSEUF Website (

         1.3.6 Duly accomplished nomination forms with the accompanying required documentation, if already available, may be submitted to the Alumni Association Office or through the email address: [email protected]
1.4 Selection Criteria

The following shall serve as the criteria for the award:

Community Involvement 30pts
Service to the University 20pts
Involvement in the Affairs/Activities of the College/University 10pts
Assistance to the University/College 5pts
Service/Involvement to the Alumni Association 5pts
Professional Achievements 40pts
Degree Earned 5pts
Work Experience 5pts
International Awards & Recognition Received 10pts
National Awards & Recognitions Received 6pts
Local Awards & Recognitions Received 4pts
International Membership in Professional Organizations 10pts
National Membership in Professional Organizations 6pts
Local Membership in Professional Organizations 4pts
Creative Work (This includes books, published articles, paintings, inventions, and innovations introduced) 10pts
Moral Character 10pts
Total 100pts

 1.5 Selection Procedure

     1.5.1 The Office of the Vice President for External Relations, through the Office of Scholarship, Placement, and Alumni Relations, will collate the submitted nominations from departments and colleges, which will be reviewed and validated by a Committee.
    1.5.2 The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the University President will constitute and appoint a selection committee for the two (2) alumni award categories.                          
    1.5.3 Upon review, the Committee for the Search for Most Distinguished Alumni will endorse the awardees to the MSEUF University Academic Council which will confirm and finalize the background description of the awardees.  The University Academic Council thereafter will endorse the awardees to the Office of the President. 
 The Search for Enverga Forever Global Awards Selection Committee will review the nominees with the Office of the President and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The award will be conferred by the Board of Trustees through a Board Resolution. 
    1.5.4 The Most Distinguished Alumni Award and Enverga Forever Global Awardees shall be presented during the Commencement exercises and grand alumni homecoming.
1.6 Selection Committee

   1.6.1 As mentioned, the University President and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees shall constitute a Selection Committee to be composed of the following:
                    1 Chairman; 1 Assistant Chairman; 5 Members and 1 Secretary 
   1.6.2 All the aforementioned, except for the secretary, shall have voting powers.
         The decision of the Panel of Judges shall be final and non-appealable.
1.6 Awards

The recipients of the Most Distinguished Alumni and the Enverga Forever Global Awards shall receive the following:
                         2.6.1 University Bust and
                         2.6.2 Plaque
 1.7 Awarding Schedule

             The Most Distinguished Alumni is awarded during the commencement exercises of the academic year while the Enverga Forever Alumni Global Awards is given during the MSEUF Alumni Global Reunion held overseas every two years.