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College Entrance Test

  • All examinees are oriented on the sequencing of the test, the kinds of test to be administered, and the duration of each test.
  • The examiner distributes the answer sheets and instructs the examinees to fill up the said answer sheets.
  • After writing the necessary information on the answer sheets, test booklets for the English Placement Test are distributed, directions are read and the examinees are asked for questions and clarifications regarding the test instructions. Examinees are given 45 minutes to answer the first battery of test.
  • Following the English Placement Test is the Numerical Reasoning Test. The test is answerable in 30 minutes. The same instructions as the first test are issued.
  • The applicant takes the Aptitude Test that varies depending on the program preference of the examinee. The test was given 30 minutes to answer the test.
  • After the series of tests, students are given four questions to choose from, wherein they are asked to give at least two to three sentences response to the essay questions.
  • The examination results are forwarded to the program adviser for program placement