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MSEUF Center for Research on Lifelong Learning



Lifelong learning plays a significant role in the life of everyone regardless of age, gender, profession or socio-economic and social status. Hence, there is a need to continue learning throughout one’s life to keep pace with what is happening in and around the world and to equip one with the knowledge, skills, and competencies – and even the right attitude – necessary to face the challenges in this ever-changing world.

Hosted by the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, the MSEUF Center for Research on Lifelong Learning was established in 2012, with the main goal of exploring various perspectives – theories and practices – on lifelong learning across disciplines and professions. Research focus of the center includes understanding lifelong learning in formal and informal settings (school and workplace) and across the lifespan of individuals in different fields of specialization and profession, and how lifelong learning ultimately builds capacity of individuals to apply knowledge and understanding to their daily and professional lives.

Research Projects

The major initiative of the center includes research and projects on
1. Lifelong Learning of Teachers in all Levels and across Disciplines;
2. Lifelong Learning on STEAM (Science, Technology, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Mathematics) and          on HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences including criminal justice);
3.Lifelong learning in the various disciplines/areas such as management, business administration, public administration and governance; and
4.Lifelong Learning in Basic, Higher, and Vocational/Technical Education.

Program Director
Dr. Felixberto M. Mercado

Co-Program Director
Dr. Benilda N. Villenas

Project Leaders and Faculty Researchers
Dr. Amelita O. Balagtas
Dr. Joselina T. Baylongo
Dr. Claudia Odette J. Ayala
Dr. Guillermo M. Rago, Jr.
Dr. Julmar O. Asilo
Dr. Vivian L. Dedace