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Completed Research S.Y. 2013 - 2014




Quezon Ancestral Houses: A Conservation of Local Heritage Structures

Angeles Z. Almazan, Melba F. Sardea & Genesis R. Merano

College of Architecture and Fine Arts


Assessment of Enrolment Practices in MseufLucena

Maria Cecilia M. Jalbuena, Maria Isabel D. Granada & Catherine O. De Torres

College of Arts and Sciences


BuhaysaKonkretongKaragatan: AngmgaBadjao at angKanilangPandarayuhan

Elizabeth M. Garcia, Gina R. Catalig & RechelleThea G. Ramboyong

College of Arts and Sciences


Dictionary of Essential Biota amongAgta of Alabat Island, Quezon Province

Jahzeel L. Sarmiento, Pedro Jose L. de Castro & Maria Azela L. Tamayo

College of Arts and Sciences


Evaluation of the Implementation of Zero Plastic Policy in Lucena City

Engr. Renato M. Vergara, Gilbert H. Garcia & Maria Elizabeth D. Oabel

College of Arts and Sciences


Local Oral and Written Literatures of Quezon Province

Olivia B. Palanca, Remedios S. Salazar and Elizabeth M. Garcia

College of Arts and Sciences


The Mellisopalynological Study of Tetragonula Biroi Friese, Apis Cerana and Apis Dorsata Fabricius within the Areas of Enverga University Affiliates Schools: Input to Resource Enhancement Program

Pedro Jose L. De Castro

College of Arts and Sciences


Autovote: An Automated Voting System for Student Elections of MSEUF

Raymond S. Bermudez & Donabell S. Hernandez

College of Computer Studies


Development of Interactive Virtual Campus Tour as Higher Education Institution (HEI) Innovative Supplementary Marketing Tool: Manuel S. Enverga University FoundationLucena City Campus as Model

Rodrigo C. Belleza Jr.

College of Computer Studies



Skills Match Survey of Ccs Employed Graduates

Susana C. De Castro, Rodrigo C. Belleza, Jr. & Ronel T. Maaño

College of Computer Studies


Design Enhancement of Electrical Distribution Systemof MSEUF - Candelaria

Dr. Guillermo M. Rago, Jr., Engr. Rodher V. Sedenio & Noel C. Rosales

College of Engineering and Technical Department


Evaluation of Engineering Programs at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation,Lucena City: A Tracer Study

Engr. Gervin S. Espinosa, Engr. Agnes L. Aviles & Engr. Cielito V. Maligalig

College of Engineering and Technical Department


Waste-To-Eco Friendly (WTEF) Interlocking Tiles Technical Manual

Engr. Ramela B. Ramirez and Engr. Renato R. Zabella

College of Engineering and Technical Department


From Entry to Practice: Tracking Nursing Graduates’ Entry, Progression and Success

Maria Corazon B. Valdeavilla, Ma. Sylvia Avila & Erwin Fermin S. Decena

College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences


Investigatingthe Functionality of Barangay Health Stations and Rural Health Units and its Implications to Improving and Strengthening the Delivery of Healthcare Services in Lucena City

Pascual La Rosa Jr. & Ismael Lagrason

College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences


Level of Physical Activity of Employees in a Tertiary Academic Institution in Lucena City and its Impact on their Cardiovascular Health Status

Dario V. Sumande & Richard M. Escritor

College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences


Correlation Between the On the Job Training Evaluation Rating of BSHRMand BST Students of MSEUFwith their Banquet and Tour Guiding Laboratory Performance

Juvy C. Tamondong & Maricel D. Herrera

College of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management


Course Preferences of Fourth Year High School Students of Selected Public and Private Secondary Schools in Quezon Province: Implications to Career Guidance Program

Rosario C. Rago & Liandro L. Serrano

Office of Student Affairs


The Teaching and Learning of Maritime English and its Implications to Improving Communication Skills and Cultural Awareness of Filipino Seafarers

Dr. Felixberto M. Mercado, Carina F. Rafa, Jahzeel L. Sarmiento & Maria Cecilia M. Jalbuena

College of Arts and Sciences


Perceived Quality of Life and Life Satisfaction in Selected Urban Poor Communities in Lucena City: A Model for Assessing the Sense of Well-being in the CALABARZON Region

Carmen A. Aldovino, Virginia D. Alcala & Rolan B. Aldovino

College of Business and Accountancy



Design and Development of a Microcontroller-Based Rainfall Monitoring System

Engr. Ronaldo C. Maaño & Engr. Roselyn A. Maaño

College of Engineering and Technical Department


Development and Evaluation of a Web and Mobile-based Faculty Performance Evaluation System

Leah T. Salas College of Computer Studies


Development of JMASTER 2.0: An Improved Interactive Game-Based Tool for Teaching Java Programming in HEIs in CALABARZON

Raymond S. Bermudez

College of Computer Studies


Assessment of Campus Security Practices among Public and Private HEIs in the CALABARZON: Implication to the Development of a Campus Safety and Security Program

Monette G. Tenorio & Alberto C. Enverga Jr.

College of Criminology and Law Enforcement