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SuRE and Green Physical Plant and Facilities Research and Development Program of MSEUF



The Sustainable, Resilient, Ergonomic (SURE) and Green Physical Plant and Facilities Research and Development Program of MSEUF was initiated by the College of Engineering and Technical Department in 2012. This R and D Program is in collaboration with the College of Architecture and Fine Arts and the College of Computer Studies.

Objective of the Program

The program seeks to design school plant and facilities taking into consideration balance between needs of environment, society and economy.

Research Projects

  1. Green Building Design Based on the LEED Rating System
  2. A Proposed Development Plan of Green Campus
  3. Design and Prototype Development of Disaster Resilient Structure
  4. Design of Ergonomic Classrooms
  5. Design and Development of Prototype of Building Alternative Power Source
  6. Prototype Development of Building Automation System
  7. Design and Development of Engineering Laboratory Testing Facilities
  8. Exploratory Inventory of Flora in the MSEUF Main Campus
  9. Development and Validation of Flora Inventory Management System
  10. Development and Design of a Microcontroller Trainer Kit
  11. A Prototype Development of Aerodynamically Designed Disaster Resilient Structure
  12. Development of an Ergonomically Designed Classroom
  13. Development of Innovative Self-sustained Hybrid Dwelling Unit
  14. Development of Comfortable, Healthy, Interactive and Cost Efficient (CHIC) Modernized Classroom
  15. Development of Sustainable WTEF Interlocked Dwelling Unit CHBs from Re-engineered Crushed Concrete
  16. Development of Innovative CoRe Amalgamated Slag - Concrete Bricks for Dwelling Units


 Program Leaders

Dr. Guillermo M. Rago, Jr.

Engr. Ramela M. Ramirez

Faculty Researchers:

Engr. James Louie Meneses

 Engr. Brenda de Vega

 Engr. Rodher Sedenio

 Engr. Gervin Espinosa

 Engr. Renato  Zabella 

  Engr. Ulrich Divina

 Engr. Ronaldo Maaño

 Dr. Carmina Tolentino

 Dr. Pedro Jose de Castro