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MSEUF Research and Development Program for Information Technology and Analytics Solutions



In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven community, most of the organizations are into process of being smart. Being a smarter organization means not only making decision quicker, but making right decisions quicker which is based on facts. But due to volumes and complexity of data available, proper techniques are needed to craft right outputs. This is where Information Technology and Analytics Solutions come in. The idea of creating various solutions through data and statistical analytics, system automation, communication and outreach, e-learning and instructional systems design, and web portals, can make institutions, organizations or companies make smarter decisions in a quicker way, thus, making the whole community smarter.

Objective of the Program

The program aims to design and develop innovative solutions by integrating various approaches of information technology.

Research Projects

  1. Automated Analysis on Climate-Related Risks and Hazards on Agriculture in Quezon Province, Philippines
  2. University Scheduler using SPEX: A New Genetic Algorithm Crossover Operator
  3. Design and Development of a Microcontroller-Based Honey Moisture Content Monitoring and Control System
  4. Design and Development of a Microcontroller-Based Water Quality Monitoring and Control System for Aquaculture
  5. Development and Validation of a Web-Based Prediction of Student Program Selection
  6. Development of ICT-Based Teaching and Learning Materials for Tour Guiding Course
  7.  Development of Research Outputs Database and Information Management System for HEIs in CALABARZON


 Program Leaders

Dean Rodrigo C. Belleza, Jr.

Maria Cecilia G. Cantos


Faculty Researchers:

 Raymond S. Bermudez

Sonia A. Budoy

Susana C. De Castro

Donabell S. Hernandez

Ronel T. Maaño

Roselyn A. Maaño

David Eric S. Oreta

 Leah T. Salas

 Jose B. Tan, Jr.

 Pedro Jose L. De Castro

 Ma. Jennifer E. Matias

 Ronaldo C. Maaño