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MSEUF Research and Development Program for Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation



Over the years, the Philippines has experienced several indicators of climate change, such as weather variability, floods, droughts and temperature changes. These world crises demand a wide range of attention not only in the physical  or biological aspects but also in the social aspect especially in the lives of farmers who are directly dependent on natural resources.

There are possible solutions to fight this alarming problem which has threatened and claimed thousands of human lives all over the world. One of which is that communities may employ indigenous knowledge (IK) based practices. Ogallo (2011) testifies that native practices are potential projects on rural development and climate change adaptations. Also, native practices can provide valuable information to guide meaningful adaptations.

This program highlights different perspectives of the Agta and rural communities on validating and integrating indigenous and formal research knowledge about climate change that can be used to integrate into local and regional knowledge systems and management plans for an effective adaptation and climate resilient development.


Objective of the Program

The program seeks to document and evaluate the role of indigenous knowledge in climate change adaptation in upland and coastal rural communities in Quezon Province. Less central to the objectives of this study is to develop management plans vis-à-vis climate change mitigation strategies.


Research Projects


  1. Adaptation of Native Houses of Ayta to Climate Change
  2. Women’s Recovery and Adaptation Strategies to Natural Disasters in Selected Rural Communities in Quezon Province
  3. Characterization of Different Root Crops Varieties Used by Ayta for Climate Change Adaptation
  4. Level of Awareness, Access and Application of Meteorological by Communities: Basis for Climate Change Adaptation module
  5. Indigenous Weather Indicators and Resiliency to Climate Change of the Aytas
  6. Impacts of Changes in Rainfall and Temperature on Local Livelihoods
  7. Climate Change Related Diseases as Perceived by Ayta of Alabat Island  
  8. Observed Climate Change-Related Diseases among Residents of Selected Coastal Barangays of Tayabas Bay
  9. The Inayta Language Used by the Natives on Climate Change-Related Scenario



Program Leaders

Claudia Odette J. Ayala, PhD

Carina R.Mogol


Faculty Researchers from the Collaborating Departments:

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Achitecture and Fine Arts

College of Education

College of Engineering and Technical Department


College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences