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Programs Offered


College of Computer Studies

Reaccredited Level II - PACUCOA with specialization track in - Business Analytics

The BS Computer Science program includes the study of computing concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations and new developments in computing.


Reaccredited Level I - PACUCOA with specialization track in - Business Management and Service Management

The BS Information Technology program includes the study of the utilization of both hardware and software technologies involving planning installing, customizing, operating, managing and maintaining information technology infrastructure that provides computing solutions to address the needs of an organization.


with specialization track in - Digital Animation Technology and Game Development

The program enables the student to be knowledgeable of the whole pipeline of Game Development and Digital Animation projects. The students will acquire the independence and creative competencies to articulate project design and requirements of new projects, not necessarily based on standard templates.



ACT is a two-year, non-degree "ladderized" program for BSCS and BSIS courses. The course is design to equip students with specific skills for entry into the information technology profession and them for eventual entry to the regular four-year degree programs of Information Technology.

Specialization Tracks

Both BSCS and BSIT let students to choose from the two in-demand specialization tracks.

Business Analytics Specialization Track

BA Specialization tracks is being offered in anticipation of the global opportunity for analytics by 2015, which is estimated at $160 billion.

Service Management for BPO Specialization Track

The Service Management specialization track is being offered because of the growing demand for qualified personnel in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

MSEUF - CCS Best Assets

Delivers IT education beyond boundaries

MSEUF as an autonomous university and CCS, being identified as Center of Development in IT Education and having PACUCOA accredited programs (BSCS-Level II, BSIT-Level I) are some of the many proofs that show that we do not just comply with the standards but delivers beyond boundaries.

Equipped with highly competent teaching force

The faculty members of CCS have master's degree and some are pursing doctorate programs in IT. This only shows that high level of instruction is guarantee at CCS.

Up-to-date curriculum

Being updated is very vital. Thus, we make sure that our curriculum is inline with the needs of the industry. CISCO, SAP, iBPAP, SMP, Microsoft and IBM are some of the few industry-based subjects fused in our IT programs. Also, certification exams like Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) are integrated in the curriculum.

Lets students use proper technology

We guarantee that updated hardware and software are being used by our students. We have partnership with software providers to ensure the regular updates of our authentic software. We also upgrade computer units and other equipment every year.

Exposes students to the real world

Before receiving their diploma. we make sure that our students are exposed to the actual environment of the industry. This is through the strong OJT program that covers a full-semester immersion. Aside from that, we send our students to international and national research conferences, and exchange programs.

Encourages 'Enjoy while Learning' way of life

We bring students beyond the borders of the classroom with exciting student activities inside the campus. Also, we encourage our students to be part of the student organizations in adn out of the campus. Some of our students are members of PSITES, Google Student AMbassaor (GSA), and Microsoft Student Partners.