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Mission, Vision and Objectives



The Office of Student Affairs is a network of students, faculty, administrative personnel, community stakeholders and the work environment. Through its services, the Office of Student Affairs aims to orient, serve and assist the students’ spiritual, moral, social, political, emotional and physical development.


The Office of Student Affairs seeks to develop creative and responsible student leaders through the provision of different opportunities for growth and development.

In pursuing its mission-vision, the OSA upholds the values of:

  1. client-centered service inspired by the humanitarian belief of helping others
  2. striving for excellence through the continuous improvement and innovation based on research and evaluation and optimizing the available resources; and
  3. building teamwork and camaraderie in an atmosphere of caring trust and communication.

Specifically, the various student personnel services have the following strategic goals:

Campus Ministry:
To inculcate among the students the spiritual and moral values that help them for integral formation;
Guidance and Testing Center:
To guide, orient, and assist the students in realizing their maximum potentials and in coping with the conflicts they encounter in life;
Prefect of Discipline:
To ensure responsible behavior that respect the rights of individuals in the campus hereby creating an atmosphere conducive to learning;
Office of Student Organizations:
To promote community-building values and develop moral leadership and responsible followership;
Medical-Dental Services:
To attend to the health needs and physical well-being of the University population;
University Collegiate Student Council:
To foster better communication and relation- ships among students, faculty and Administration;
The "Luzonian":
To promote journalistic and literary skills among the students and provide a vehicle of expression as well as instrument for the dissemination of vital issues; and
Research and Evaluation:
To plan, analyze, evaluate and disseminate information for better learning atmosphere and effective application of knowledge.