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In the history of the University

  January 14, 1947 Founding of the Luzonian Colleges
  February 11, 1947 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granted the charter to the Luzonian Colleges. Subsequently, the Bureau of Private Schools approved a government permit for the Luzonian Colleges to open classes in April 1947.
  March 1948 President Manual S. Enverga graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with the degree of Master of Laws, meritissimus. He was awarded by Father Aniceto Castanon a scholarship at the Universidad Central de Madrid. In October, 1948 he left for his doctoral studies in Madrid and appointed Tobias Y. Enverga executive officer and Dean of Colleges.
  August - September, 1950 After earning his doctor of laws at the Universidad Central de Madrid, sobresaliente, Dr. Enverga undertook an observation tour of the great universitiesIn Europe and Asia. As a delegate to the Inter-parliamentary Conference in New Delhi, he met with Mahatma Gandhi and the Nehrus of India.
  August, 1951 The Board of Trustess approved the sending of three scholars in world renown universities. Tobias Y. Enverga at the University of Chicago, Cesar A. Villariba at Teachers College, Columbia University, and Jose M. Eleazar at Fordham Univeristy. Succeeding waves of scholars followed. Wilfrido L. Enverga went to the London School of Economics, Dulcinea C. Enverga to the Instituto de Cultura Hispanica of Madrid, Jaime M. Buzar, Porfirio A. Quisao and Fabian V. Obispo Jr. to the University of the Philippines, Romulo F. Magsino to Sydney University, and Jovito E. Talabong to the Univeristy of Santo Tomas for his Master of Laws degree.
  November 11, 1953 University President Manuel S. Enverga was elected to Congress where he represented the First Congressional District of Quezon for 16 years (1953-1969). He charied the Committee on Education and Foreign Affairs. His political achievements boosted the image of the Luzonian Colleges.
  March, 1957 President Enverga completed the acquisition of some 200 hectares of land in Ibabang Dupay and started the development of the university site.
  June, 1959 The Board of Trustees secured a loan of P4 M from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for the construction of the gymnasium, the Commerce-Technology building, and the Arts - Education - Criminology Building.
  March 28, 1963 The Manuel S. Enverga Foundation was formally organized and established to complement the university. The Foundation gave stipends and other financial subsidies to outstanding high school students in the province.
  August 8, 1968 Education Secretary Onfre D. Corpuz signed the document granting univeristy status to the Luzonian University in the presence of Chairman Manuel S. Enverga, Trustees Tobias Y. Enverga, Aquilino L. Villanueva, Benjamin M. Campomanes, Francisco L. Vicuña, and Diomedes R. Carlos
  February 12, 1970 The Luzonian University became a foundation, hence, the third name, Luzonian University Foundation. Donating their shares of stocks to the Foundation, the stockholders demonstrated civic-mindedness considered unique among forward-looking Filipinos.
  February, 1973 Due to the uncertainity of the times occasioned by the martial law regime, the passing away of Dr. Tobias Y. Enverga, and his desire to recuperate from his most fatal heart attack, President Enverga relinquished the presidency to Professor Rodolfo B. Abadilla in March, 1973.
  March, 1973 Upgrading and reclassification of faculty rank started in earnest. Dr. Cesar A. Villariba was granted by the Board of Trustees the rank of professor and dean emeritus.
  May 8, 1978 Dean Emeritus Cesar A. Villariba was elected to the Interim Batasan Pambansa. He was vice-chairman of the committee on education and was a principal author of the Education Act of 1982 (B.P. 232) and the Science and Technology Code of the Philippines. Under his leadership some 300 local high school were nationalized.
  June 14, 1981 Board Chairman Manuel S. Enverga passed away. Dr. Cesar A. Villariba was elected chairman of the Board of Trustees. Atty. Wilfrido L. Enverga succeeded him later on January 21, 1983. The Board resolved the adoptation of the name Manuel S. Eneverga University Foundation (MSEUF).
  September 30, 1983 The Quezon and Lucena City Education Congress was held with the MSEUF as the flaship institution.
  February 18, 1984 The First General Faculty and Non-Academic Personnel Congress was held to hammer out directions for the next decade.
  July 7, 1984 President Rodolfo B. Abadilla went into the Great Home Beyond Atty. Wilfrido L. Enverga assumed both the chairmanship and the presidency of the university.
  September 1, 1984 Atty. Jose S. Laureles assumed the position of Executive Vice President
  June, 1985 Atty. Jose S. Laureles was appointed president of the university.
  May, 1987 Chairman Wilfrido L. Enverga following the footsep of his illustrious father, was elected to Congress representating the first district of Quezon. He would serve Congress for three consecutive terms until 1998.
  June, 1989 The university under President Laureles initiated the beautification of the campus and the move to have all programs fully accredited. Faculty development was accelerated through the series of Academic Administrators Workshops. Morale of faculty and non-academic personnel was significantly boosted by the periodic and regular upgrading of ranks and salaries.
  June, 1990 Enverga University, Candelaria campus, opened after DECSRO IV granted its permit to operate through the efforts of the team led by Dr. Jaime M. Buzar, Benilda N. Villenas, Nelda C. Reyes, Norma R. Desembrana, Erlinda L. Micor and Amelia E. de los Reyes. Prof. Felicitas N. de Fierro was appointed Dean of Studies. Dr. Joselina Ti Baylongo was appointed supervisor of all MSEUF branches.
  May, 1996 The MSEUF Alumni Association started construction of the Alumni Center under the presidency of Atty. Antonio P. Acyatan. The Alumni Association metamorphosed into an active partner in building the university under the inspired leadership of Atty. Acyatan.
  February, 1997 The university community celebrates its golden anniversary.
  October 22, 2001 Grant of deregulated status to the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation by the Commission on Higher Education
  June 4, 2004 Grant of Level 3 re-accreditation to the Liberal Arts-Commerce-Education programs