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History and Profile


Basic Education Department

History & Profile

A successful educational institution definitely begins in a strong foundation and that is the basic education. With this, the Secondary School Department steered the progress of the university by nurturing and developing young minds. The dedicated men and women who labored to make the department as one of the best venues to gain a high school diploma. With the perfect combination of the four principals and faculty who once honed the characters, talents, and skills of the young people who passed through its doors, the SSD progress continues…

At present, the Secondary School Department has created a resilient mark in providing quality education. And certainly, its history had shaped the department to be one of the best schools all throughout the region.

The Beginning (1947-1974)

The first principal of the high school department was Mr. Paterno L. Africa, one of the incorporators of the then Luzonian Colleges. He served the department with a passion for excellence for twenty-seven years. There were fourteen teachers under his supervision who beefed up the teaching force of the department.

Four sections comprised the first set of graduating students who led a closely controlled high school life. But the rigid discipline worked well. Many students shone in interschool competitions, sports, academics, and even in beauty pageant.

From four sections, the department grew into thirty sections from first year to fourth year. And definitely, the increased of enrolment required another batch of dedicated mentors.

The rapid development of the department is credited to Mr. Africa who left deep-rooted influences. He will always be remembered as the principal who conducted a clinical supervision by monitoring classes, writing down observation for improvement purposes, calling teachers for a conference, and reaching program for further enhancement. He is certainly an icon.

The Middle Years (1974-1994)

The retirement of Mr. Africa pave way for another period of the high school department. Mr. Porifirio Quisao embraced the challenge of becoming the next one to touch and lead the young people.

During his term, a new wave of teachers came to infuse new ways and strategies in the instructional force. It is also in this period, the teachers were encouraged to undertake further studies. The department created a name in different fields such as public speaking, campus journalism, academic contests, cultural contests, and sports. And many students attest to the inspired teaching of their mentors which motivated them to shine in different competitions.

Mr. Quisao’s term of office greatly influenced the teachers and inspired students to shine in academics and even in extra-curricular activities.

The Next Years (1995-1997)

Mrs. Minerva Alcoreza is the first lady principal who led the high school department to a continuous progress. She considers the classroom a second home of the students so it has to have an atmosphere like home.

And prior to her appointment, another batch of teachers were appointed to be a part of the growing department. Mrs. Alcoreza encouraged her faculty to participate in in-service education to improve their classroom management and teaching.

Just like the past years, the department reaped laurels in different fields. It is a great evidence that her term is another milestone in the history of the department. Believing that accreditation is the best means to further enhance the facilities and the quality of education she initiated the bid for accreditation.

Certainly, the first lady principal marked another development in the department.

The Contemporary (1997 – to date)

After the reign of Mrs. Minerva Alcoreza another woman continue to serve the SSD, Ms. Buhay A. Corcelles. Like any other principal, she only wants to mold and develop young minds by giving the best education.

During her period, the SSD continue to create names in the different fields of education. The school publication continues to win in the Division, Regional and even in the National Schools Press Conferences both in individual and group contests. The SSD Pep Squad is now considered as the Grand slam winner in the City Athletic Meet for winning in the Pep Squad Competition for three consecutive years. In sports, the SSD proved that they are really winners. Students garnered many awards in different events. Even in the different Academic contests, the SSD Academic Team reaped several awards.

Now, the SSD continues to serve and develop young learners to become better individuals in the society.