As an instructor pilot and test pilot, LtC Micor hones the skills and ensures the readiness of our flying assets.

To maintain a culture of safety on the ground, the Air Force relies on a pilot whose flying record is beyond reproach. Seventeen years spent in the air- clocking 3000 hours of accident free-flying of UH-1H helicopters in all possible circumstances- has landed Lieutenant Colonel Moises L. Micor his current position as Director of the Directorate for Aircraft Maintenance and Management at Villamor Air Base.

LtC Micor saw action at the height of Abu Sayaf and Moro National Liberation Front skirmishes in the early 2000s. His flights provided critical air support, including combat and defense, troop insertion and extrication, re-supply, and reconnaissance. For these achievements, he and his crew have been awarded the Gold Cross Medal and the Distinguished Aviation Cross Medal for gallantry in action; just a small percentage of LtC Micor’s over seventy career awards, citations, and commendations.

As an instructor pilot and test pilot, LtC Micor hones the skills and ensures the readiness of our flying assets, having trained, to dateL eight batches of Co-pilots and Pilots-in-Command, seven classes of Element Leaders, four classes of Flight Commanders, and five xlasses of Test Pilots, Instructors Pilots, NVG First Pilots, and NVG Co-Pilots. These pilots’ flying skills are sustained by the culture of safety inculcated by LtC Micor, through his extensive revisions on the standard operating procedures for Air Crew Standardizations, Evaluation and Re-currency, Aviation and Ground Safety, among others.

Aircraft maintenance is costly and time-consuming. To ensure the efficiency of these operations, LtC Micor has developed tool management programs and self-reliant projects that help enhance his team’s aircraft, communications, and logistics systems.

LtC Micor is an active participant of the PAF’S civil military operations, lending time and resources to environmental cleanup, education, and health programs for various communities.

LtC Micor graduated from the Philippine Military Academy in 1993 and received his Master in Public Management Major in Development and Security from the Development Academy of the Philippines in 2013. He is married and has one child.

Source: Metrobank Foundation Inc.’s 2013 Search for The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers Souvenir Program, page 18